Labyrinth of Love - for February Mini Retreat

When we talk about love
It’s usually about another
A wife, husband, sister or brother
A son, daughter, father or mother

What is this thing called love
It is a mystery
It is the truth
In it’s real form
It is quite aloof

It is the vast ocean
The never-ending sky
It’s the heart of creation
No need to wonder why

It is the forest and the trees
It is the hive and the bees
It is greed
It is grace
It is the sun shining on your face

Love is the glue
Thats binds us together
Accessible to all
Connected forever

It can be found deep within us
Go in… do not distrust
Believe it… you absolutely must

It all begins with you loving you
There is nothing more to do

Plunge into the ocean
And let love drown you
Soar through the sky
Let love surround you

Dance in the meadow
Swing through the trees
Feel it…
The invisible breeze

Loving yourself is the key
To unlocking your soul
So make this your no 1 goal

Welcome love in…
Fill your cup to the brim
When it spills over the edge
Let it flow to another…
Wife, husband, sister or brother
Son, daughter, father or mother
Friend or foe, just let it go…

Let it devour you
Feed it with passion
It will empower you
And breed true compassion

The invisible breeze
Guiding you home
In the Labyrinth of Love
You are never alone

New Beginnings - for January Mini Retreat

Everyday is a new beginning
A brand new, fresh start
It's not a case of binning..
The year before.. the day before..
Tuck away, store the lessons in your heart
True to say, yesterday is history
Tomorrow.. an unfolded mystery
Create the life you want to lead
Visualise the future your soul needs
Trust yourself to the water
Don't always do what you oughta
Burn with grace that which serves you no longer
Instantly making you feel stronger
Feel the flames light your face
Embrace the newly created space
Set your intentions, let them fly
Have no doubt or fear
The way will become clear
Put solid steps in place
Attend to each of these in turn
Trust in your heart and your soul will learn

Ground & Grow - for March Mini Retreat

Spring is a time
To set the seeds to sow
To ground and to grow
Clear the snow!
Sprinkle the seedlings
With water from your soul
Nurturing the journey towards your goal
Ignite your dreams
From the fire in your heart
Believe in yourself
You are a work of art...
A part of creation
A perfect illumination
Use this Wild Soul restoration
Time out of mind
Feel yourself gently unwind
From here... find your true spirit
Your pure, essential nature
For here is the power...
The blooming flower
Ground your intentions
Feed your desire
Cast your attachments into the fire
Carry the flame home with you today
It will light the way

Gong Bath Poem - for April Mini Retreat

This months poem nearly wasn't meant to be
I realised this when my Mac crashed on me
Oh well... a lesson learned about I.T
From this day on, me thinks...
I'll write my poems down in ink!

So, from the well today...
I have some thoughts to light the way
After your calming yoga restoration
Feel the deep relaxation
Sense of peace and transformation
Guiding and nourishing your path
Gently leading you into Gong bath

As you feel renewed & restored
With your thoughts abandoned at the door
Allow your body to merge with the floor
It's time for sound to lead you astray
For your body to rest & your soul to play

Be your very nature, awaken your grace
Let go of all muscles, those tiny ones in your face
Be fully unbound, bathe in the sounds
Completely surrender, become spellbound
Open your heart, breathe in the vibration
Listen intently to your souls interpretation

I'll drum a little, but not for long
As Allison is ready & waiting with her gong!
And I think the kettle is on.. @olbols

Thoughts are fine when you don't confine them with who you are, and then thoughts are not a problem. Thinking is a wonderful tool to create things in this world. It only becomes problematic and a source of suffering when you confuse thinking with who you are

Eckhart Tolle